“Dear ladies white men are not your passports out of poverty, stick to your man at all times God will uplift you if you love with a pure heart”


Kenyans were treated to a rare Facebook drama in the popular Kilimani Mums and Dads original uncensored group when a ‘German’ by the name Robin Johnson invited applications for prospective a wife. In his post he claimed he was 38 years, a doctor by profession and he knew how wonderful Kenyan ladies were thus he wanted one to settle down with. Just like his namesake in the legendary English folklore, Robin Hood was known for his antics of robbing the rich to reward the poor he was out to expose their gold digging character.
Ladies from all walks of life educated and uneducated, married and unmarried, employed and unemployed thronged his inbox dropping their applications. Three men who seemed to be pimps also messaged the German in their attempt to do business.

Desperate to be ‘deported’ to Germany the way Miguna Miguna was deported to Canada, they flooded his inbox with ‘Chose me’ messages as they struggled to outdo each other for his attention. Some went a step further to give their numbers and ages as others went a step further saying how they were already in love and are willing to settle down immediately. A rare kind who had the privilege of learning some German along the way threw some two to three words as she tried to charm her way to into the German machine so that she can be taken for a ride.

assorted screenshots
assorted screenshots

Exposing their shallowness Kenyan women weren’t able to decipher German naming customs since Robin Johnson is too simplistic to be a German name as it appears to be more English leaning. Our account by account analysis of individual accounts showed that some of the ladies who thronged the ‘German’s’ inbox were in serious relationships, married or even engaged with photos of their boyfriends, husbands and children littered on their timelines.

This exposed how Kenyan ladies treat relationships casually like toilets which they can walk in and out when they deem convenient. Boyfriends, husbands and fiancées were shocked on how their partners some of whom they were with in ‘consensual-romantic’ relationships for close to 10 years would actually leave them in a blink on an eye for a white man whom they met online. In what is widely viewed as seeking greener pastures by going abroad to live a better life Kenyan ladies are willing to sacrifice everything just to be with a white man .

Kenyan ladies in this group are known for saying how all Kenyan men are dogs yet they ran to the German’s inbox without second thoughts sparking reactions from a section of men in the group who claimed they opted for a German shepherd. Religious church-going women who post biblical scriptures, words of encouragement and pictures of their loving husbands, boyfriends and fiancées showing us how lovely their marriages and relationships are quietly snaked into some fake German’s inbox, begging to be taken to Germany.

assorted screenshots
assorted screenshots

The drama has led to multiple breakups and damage control measures such as deactivating accounts and changing Facebook names as ladies rushed to salvage their relationships by claiming their accounts had been hacked. Screenshots of multiple Whatsapp messages showing heated confrontations of severed relationships have also emerged online with ladies pleading with their boyfriends to take them back since it was just a joke.

The German has threatened to post nudes of women who thronged his inbox. Our analysis has shown the account name was changed and photo downloaded for a specific purpose as the account had posted regularly sometimes back in Kiswahili, ladies you were played big time. Dear ladies white men are not your passports out of poverty, stick to your man at all times God will uplift you if you love with a pure heart.


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