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Bottomline: only call him during the banking hours (9:00 AM- 3:59 PM) next time I see your calls at weird hours or those funny texts calling him babe or swee I will look for you, find you and forgive you……….

I feel like I could just punch you so hard right now. “What do you think you are doing?” People like you are the reason why the term ‘home wreckers’ came into existence. “Who said you have any say in my relationship?”

I thought I told you to commit your problems to the Lord! You don’t just come telling my man everything that’s happening in your life. You call each other names that are just concealing what your true intentions and feelings towards him. I hear he is your best Friend. You are there telling yourself how lucky you are,knowing very well you are actually the charlady of the friend zone.

Let’s be real for once. A man in a relationship is a man who has already found happiness in the girl he is dating. He will strive to make the best out of the time he will be dating that girl. Its with good friendship that it grew to love and he found it worth to make her his girl. In your defense, you have the audacity to say you were friends even before the I came into his life. Can figure out what made him to overlook your tender care and constant nagging presence for me? I posses a charm that doesn’t spark in you. You are the kind of girl that shows no potential of being fit to be called his lover.

My man is both my property and business. I will call him any time I want,we will talk about everything we want, we will fight or argue sometimes,go to those two in one places hands held together,romance,play and pray but that’s something you’ll never get.I will be ever possessive around him. I’ll be giving him headaches by being annoying just to show I love him. We’ll be so into each other that you’ll soon be past tense. Am warning you in advance,leave while its still early.

Spare your heart the agony. You have been hanging and clinging around long for him to notice you,all this time you haven’t made it to his shortlist thus boxing yourself as his BFF somehow hoping for your time to come for you to take a stab at him as a perfect match, the missing piece in his life’s puzzle. My sister why drown clinging to a straw of grass I am not ‘boarding’ to such nonsense in the 21st century. Ladies being ladies (I being one of them) know the extent we can go to win a man’s affection plus we are enemies of ourselves thus i ain’t leaving any room for mistakes.

It doesn’t really make sense trying to find solace in another girl’s man. It is better having an all girl squad where you discuss issues affecting you amongst yourselves. Its similar to how boys have bro codes that are actually stronger than those calling themselves bff’s. Almost forgot just keep your problems (girl issues) to yourself those squad members might snatch that guy you have a crush on yet you haven’t made a move, before you realize they are an item then you are back to ground zero.

You may be consoling yourself saying nothing ‘bad’ happens between the two by the way that thought of anything even happening is what pisses me off most.However, am doing this because we are girls plus we need be conscious of the other person’s feelings. We create enemies very fast at times its usually uncalled for. Some bff’s friendships between members of the opposite sex have succeeded but am speaking for the majority that failed. On my part,let me not find you trying to manoeuvre your way into my relationship, my relationship is not a group assignment it is an exam. I believe am also speaking for many other ladies out there.

Almost forgot only call him during the banking hours (9:00 AM- 3:59 PM) next time I see your calls at weird hours or those funny texts calling him babe or swee I will look for you, find you and forgive you………………