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Bottomline: Do you remember how you’d dress for class, the random hugs on your way, fun in class, the picnics? It’s all been replaced by sanitizing and maintaining a social distance.

We are obliged to stay indoors the Covid 19 infections statistics locally and abroad are very worrying. Seemingly everyone is afraid of contacting it thus restricting movement unless when it is necessarily necessary to go outside.

There is exhilaration in home comfort until it becomes boring because we don’t have a choice, especially if you are not an essential service provider.

Let’s take a walk down an imagination lane, there we find Marcella, a University student on a mandatory quarantine holiday with a pending internship in Engineering. On normal days she is always up by 7.00 am studying, Engineering course isn’t a ride in the park.

By the time she is out of bed half of the day is gone, a good part of her morning is spent on her smart phone, which is a substitute for her watch, camera, alarm, basically an all in one item. Female is to house chores so by the time she is through puttering around the home sitting to have a meal, the sun is setting.

She listens to some ballads for the rest of the evening. Hoping the next day things will be normal . Virtually that’s a day spent for Marcella, on how plausible or wasted it is you’re free to critic.

This tiny microorganism which can be killed by washing your hands with running water, soap and sanitizer. A vaccine hasn’t been found yet subjecting humans to a new lifestyle they have to adapt or perish, they are no longer social beings.

An estate which was full of life buzzing with children from all corners is now a ghost parade with little or no activity. Little Glen nags the mom for play every morning, kids can be way dramatic. Probably fed up with the food-sleep-read routine. It’s evident that children can’t comprehend how skipping their daily monkeying is related to a virus, especially because they adore games .

“Those who scored A’s and D’s are busy making money  treating the sick and vending masks  respectively while the average B’s and C’s are indoors”, said a friend on a light note. But that’s not the point.

Students even the crackheads now long for school life, studying without pocket money and friends around ain’t easy. Do you remember how you’d dress for class, the random hugs on your way, fun in class, the picnics? It’s all been replaced by sanitizing and maintaining a social distance. Few individuals engage in online learning which is only good until the latest gossip on Instagram pops on your screen and it screws it all.

What follows is forwarding of forward as received messages on WhatsApp, updating profiles, replying to unanswered messages , getting all the updates on Twitter and YouTube and upon running shot of bundles we resolve to clearing clutter in our phones.

Don’t be surprised if your cliques come out of this quarantine plump, the secret here is food, Netflix and chill. For most ladies it’s pamper time; the body goals achieved through slim waist and flat tummy nonsense.

Employees working at home of course have a rough time maintaining balance between household chores, parental responsibilities and office work. Parents are finding ways to scrap cash before school resumes at the same time checking on the well being of their kids spiritually, physically and emotionally . Nannies are on a indefinite unpaid leave as they have been rendered redundant.

Staying at home isn’t a good thing for many, but it’s a solution better than roaming and spreading the disease. Apparently we are stuck with it and have to deal with it. How about we make use of our time at home? It’s time to unravel our prowess by doing what we can best, shine differently, self pity is a dead end road no one is going to do your life for you.

Let me share with you some ways I got on my frequent Google episodes on how to make the most of our quarantine ;
• Reconnect with old friends.
• Bring out your art.
• Plan plan plan.
• Spend time reading, it gives us places to go when we have to stay where we are.
• Try new recipes.
• Spend good family time.
• Learn an online course.
• Check up a storm in the kitchen.
• Get a good sleep.
• Do indoor work outs.
• Help in house chores.

There are a number of constructive activities you can partake unless you want to be the devil’s workshop, turn around and drive out.