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Bottomline: This madness of career civil servants,politicians and government businessmen masquerading as self made entrepreneurs pushing the kibandasky ideology of ‘entrepreneurship’ down our throats yet we know where they draw their income; salary or otherwise from our taxes must end.

We have a broken system; socially economically and politically. A reality many aren’t ready to come to terms with. Our political class is thieving our taxes left right and centre, our economic class is on red alert maximizing on profit at all costs flaunting labour laws underpaying employees as they use Sodium Metabisulphite and other cancer inhibiting chemicals in the production process to cut down costs.

Societal values are non existent thanks to the eroded social fabric that focuses on the product not the process thus glorifying wealth not the means of acquisition to an extent Satan with a briefcase full of money can get a front row seat in our churches as long as he has loads of cash tucked inside a briefcase to donate for ‘development’.

Jobs are always there in this country, it depends on who is asking. Kevin Ochieng Obede had his first class actuarial science degree archived in a cyber cafe alongside rims of photocopying paper. Actuarial Science is that course those who fail to land Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery opt for.

Being an all round A student from Kindergarten,sorry nursery school since he comes from a humble background most of his academic expenses being catered for by well wishers and bursaries. He resorted to be a parking boy, yes a parking boy competing street urchins and other riffraffs as he sought to make ends meet.

Having applied for the overly hyped graduate trainee programmes by the Central Bank, Deloitte and Price waterhouse Coopers (PwC) only to be turned down. Some of the organizations which had rejected his applications had no shame extending an olive branch after his story hit the headlines as they pulled a publicity stunt to save face.Too little to late though….

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Before Obede there was Rakiel Kaoka with her Bachelor in Arts in Economics and Finance placard that gave her a 3 month internship reprieve with the Youth Enterprise Development Fund , Elijah Yegon with his Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management, Joshua Munyao with his Bachelors Degree in Commerce, Patrick Muthomi ( later landed a job with Chandaria industries,Ruth Jemutai Rono another first class honours who was languishing in poverty somewhere in Baringo before her plight hit national headlines ‘forcing’ Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC) to come to her rescue, the list is endless. These are just stories, stories the media has covered what about stories that haven’t made it to the media yet.

Graduates have been accused of many things from being lazy, having high expectations, zero innovation, lack of creativity, over reliance on limited employment opportunities, lack of hands on job experience alongside a list of excuses employers and those in formal employment use to justify graduate unemployment.

This madness of career civil servants,politicians and government businessmen masquerading as self made entrepreneurs pushing the kibandasky ideology of ‘entrepreneurship’ down our throats yet we know where they draw their income from our taxes must end. Our parliament is full of professionals who quit their ‘well paying’ careers to ‘serve’ the people. They spearhead calls for self employment and entrepreneurship yet they ran for political office asking us for employment….

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Must one hold a placard detailing his academic qualifications, stand along a busy highway and be covered by the media for employers to come scrambling offering ‘opportunity’ to grow their careers in their respective organizations just to save face yet they receive numerous applications on a daily basis which end up in the shredding room untouched and unopened as numerous unread emails are discarded to the trash bins.

Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera a man the World knows as El Chapo is a product of a broken system. When the Mexican elites were wealth basking in Mexico City and Guadalajara as they were being served Chilaquiles for breakfast, tacos al pastor for lunch and chiles en nogada for dinner; he was toiling in Avocado plantations in La Tuna, rural Sinaloa with no hope of ever breaking even with the sons and daughters of privilege as he couldn’t guarantee himself a decent meal in a day.

Avocados were profitable but sons and daughters of privilege with connections to ferry the high quality avocados to the USA at a decent price exploited the Sinaloan farmers with demeaning prices. Marijuana trade had started picking up with farmers opting for Marijuana instead of Avocado after years of neglect from the Mexican bureaucrats starting out as a low level peddler Hector Salazar before  rising up the ranks in the drug trade leading one of the World’s largest criminal syndicated to date the Sinaloa cartel which is responsible for 80% of the cocaine,methamphetamine, marijuana and heroine consumed around the world.

He employed engineers who build state of the art smuggling tunnels that facilitated movement of drugs across the US border and Submarines which ferried coke from Colombia to Mexico for further distribution.

Before El Chapo there was Felix ‘El Padrino’ Gallardo the founder of the Guadalajara cartel who abandoned his job as a police officer after realizing no matter how hard he worked the system was broken beyond repair so he changed gears over to drug trade bribing politicians and pocketing all security agencies. His only mistake was the murder of Drug Enforment Agent (DEA) Enrique Camarena who discovered the world largest Marijuana plantation- Rancho Buffallo in Chihuahua that occupied more than 3000 acres visible from outer space yet Mexican authorities had ‘no idea’ of its existence.

In this country if you want to be rich you either join politics or a criminal enterprise,we have no poppy plantations and opium routes. Politics is capital intensive, so you are left with crime which is the easiest way out so long as you pocket security agents accordingly. Most of our elected leaders left high paying prestigious professions from doctors,lawyers to accomplished entrepreneurs just to serve the people yet they are the ones spearheading calls for entrepreneurship amongst the jobless youths graduates or otherwise….

Education used to be the key to success until sex,corruption and connections changed the padlocks. Universities continue to churn 50,000 plus graduates yearly, the brilliant ones who often lack connections will end up unemployed in the streets. Some will fall into depression, others will keep pressing on whereas there is this special group that will neither fall into depression nor press on. They will mastermind the greatest robberies without violence,robberies of the century the FBI,CIA, Interpol and Metropolitan Police will use to develop their crime prevention curriculums.

White collared criminals are products of our dysfunctional systems they have only just begun imitating the presidents voice to con various businessmen,digging tunnels to bank vaults ( Before la Casa de Papel we had KCB Thika money heist which was a success until some slay queens decided to flaunt the cash on gram), sold gold in gaseous state to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, overtake Nigerians in international currency forgery and money laundering.Crime that will leave the occupants of vigilance house clueless as they chase shadows of Mansa Musa to Timbuktu.

People with power have no idea but people with ideas have no power that’s our current state as a nation. We have brilliant minds with brilliant ideas but zero capital facilitation to actualize those ideas.The more we send our brilliant minds to the street the more susceptible we are as a nation. An unemployed graduate is a potential terrorist;socially,politically or economically. It may be none of your business but one day it will, one day you will wake up to find your bank account smiling back at you. Lifetime savings have disappeared without a trace, one day….