Microscopic view of Corona Virus

Bottomline: they won’t be able to be airlifted for ‘specialized treatment’ in their favorite hospitals having mismanaged the local health sector since independence, preparations are in high gear at Lee Funeral home.

Profit from Pain; for every life threatening crisis comes opportunity to make money, loads of it. The private sector or quick money making individuals by the time we get out of this pandemic we will have Corona Millionaires who will be featured in top 40 under 40 not because of their innovation but their selfish motivation in the gravy train.

Hoarding foodstuffs, selling substandard sanitizers, face masks alongside related provisions. Landlords are relentless in rent seeking, public transport operators have tripled fares, policemen are soliciting bribes using quarantine threats, medics are reading riot acts to government on protective gears, promotions and allowances while government officials are busy looking for ways to channel corona donations to their private accounts to bankroll their lavish lifestyles Post-Corona assuming they will all sail through to enjoy proceeds of corruption.

Cartels run the country; we may outrun them but we will never outsmart them. When we thought the Covid 19 pandemic had caught them unawares edging them out of the supply chain process to combat the pandemic through local production of personal protective equipment (PPEs), face masks, ventilators and sanitizers. They went back to the drawing board being paperwork engineers inserting extra zeros on the Ministry of Health Budget where Ksh 4 million was set aside for tea and snacks, yes tea and assorted snacks ‘Chai na Mandazi.’

Unlimited potential; Kenya has always been a country of unlimited unexploited potential all of a sudden we are able to produce products we have religiously imported since independence. Cottage industries are producing face masks, university students have been able to come up with ventilators and personal protective equipments cutting the cost per item on importation which is often inflated by cartels.

You are on your own; floods, locusts, demolitions and landslides everywhere but your favorite politicians have maintained cementry silence in their palatial homes, isolating and maintaining social distance with everything public interest least they contact Corona virus. Afraid of contracting flu like symptoms that are associated with Covid 19 since they won’t be able to be airlifted for ‘specialized treatment’ in their favorite hospitals having mismanaged the local health sector since independence, preparations are in high gear at Lee Funeral home.

Interests; never confuse mutual interests with friendship ,your colleagues are not your friends they are just people you share a common source of income. Where are your Friday night meat roasting,drink sharing crew, road trip groupies and hangout buddies. By now you have realized apart from providing company during such occasions you are useless no calls or check up texts. Post Corona keep your circle close and beer cold.

Middle Class Scam; social stratification in this country is a perception you are either rich or poor. Forget the middle class narrative being peddled around from various quarters scholarly or otherwise. Which middle class are people always talking about, these people whom lifestyles are fully funded on borrowed money with running loans from here to Timbuktu.

People who live choreographed lifestyles appearing to be affluent yet a simple financial miscalculation, social blunder or natural disaster brings auctioneers to their doorsteps. The rich holed in leafy suburbs ordering food from the comfort of their phones are scared of Corona, the poor in their stoned slums (Pipeline-Kayole-Githurai) tried staying indoors for  a week depleting their savings going back to their daily hustle. The poor in deplorable mud slums (Kibera-Kariobangi-Kariadudu) can’t afford to stay indoors they prefer death by Corona rather than hunger.

Family First; at the end of the day you will just have your family as the first and last line of defence. Cultivating relationships with family members by prioritizing them over everything else. Staying indoors for a month long unpaid leave with humans you have never spent more than a day together ain’t easy you are suddenly a stranger in your own house thus you are treated as one since you have always been too busy to spend time with them.

East or West Home is best; its better to struggle to make ends meet in your home country than to be treated like an outcast abroad. There may be greener pastures on the other side but is it worth it to live like a vagrant abroad. Kenyans being hounded out of their apartments in China after being accused of the new wave of Corona infections. Dead citizens who stayed abroad have also been buried unceremoniously leaving their families in unending tears.

Religion; proponents of prosperity gospel have no topic to preach about during this trying times. They aren’t used to preaching in times of despair where we need hope to pull through this trying time. This is the opportune time to separate Men of God from Men of Material. Where is your favorite preacher, is he doing God’s work unconditionally during this trying times or he is waiting for us to cross the Red Sea…..

The Rich also cry; wealth generation in this country relies on the purchasing power of the ordinary citizen. With their diminished purchasing power, businesses are facing their greatest fight for survival threatening to halt operations as people are only purchasing basics. They now want international schools to waive school fees for their children, difficult times indeed…..

Save before Spending; living large with no savings can lead to depression. When you remember the lavish spending in your heydays with the Covid 19 situation which has made you to be literally useless with no savings thanks to your money in money out modus operandi. Celebrities who served life with a golden spoon are in their rabbit holes shying away from the limelight waiting for the Ksh 100 million presidential bailout which is out of sight.