A man scavage for valuables from the rumbles left by the fire at Moi Girls slum in Chuka town. Photo/Domenic Ntoogo

    The fire whose cause has not yet been established, started a short while after the residents had gone to sleep, burning ten timber-built rooms into ashes. Property of unknown value was destroyed during the incident with efforts by residents to rescue the boy ending in futility.

    Chuka town fire engines were of no help, as they arrived late. Entrance to the scene seemed impassable as residents blamed the poor infrastructure in the area. They urged their leaders to come to their rescue by availing humanitarian aid to assist them return to their day to day activities.

    “We urge the government alongside other well-wishers to come to our help since all our belongings were burnt in our rooms. All our property including clothes and food were consumed by the fire thus we have no where to start from.” said Joseph Karani, one of the residents.

    Fire incidents have been in the rise in the recent past with the major cause being electric fault endangering the lives of vulnerable members of the society who are poor and live in informal set up in urban areas will illegal electricity connections nicknamed ‘sambaza’ loosely translated to sharing in the local dialect.

    Security officers present at the scene appealed to members of the public to avoid illegal electricity connection as they remain vigilant on matters electricity as it compromises the safety of their children.


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