That catholic priests, cuffed by a saint – holy oath of celibacy straying and swerving off their ordination track vows is not something peculiar to the common man ears.It is worth to note that some of our priests back home deliberately spit on these tenents church’s particularly the priesthood.

So why should our spiritual dads opt to take such a self-incrimination path? Do we have good priests? do we have bad ones too? Kitui county recently witnessed a shocking yet rare occurrence. A catholic priest; one Father Japheth Mwove Kimanzi simply but overstretched his manhood desires and opted to dump Christ being one among the long list of representatives all over the globe.

The aforementioned catholic priest couldn’t feign his desire and crave for sexual healing. Let us speed this up and get a bit technical here. Just a little bit. Mr. Kimanzi; for I deem it fit not to call him reverend father at this point got purely overpowered by his sexual urges to defile a 15 year old girl at Nuu Catholic parish in Kitui diocese.

The student, then aged 15 is said to have started accompanying the servant of God on evangelical trips including the common Jumuiyas which I know every catholic would relate to. Audaciously, the string of trips eventually bore “fruits” with the “father” responsible for the girls pregnancy.

As if this was not enough, the Japheth guy failed to carry his cross and claim responsibility of actions. This was all in a massive hard – fought bid to salvage his celibacy vows.

The shepherd to a humble God’s flock, who has since May 11, 2018 denied the charges in court of law is one among multiple case studies showing how vital the issue is. In a bid to save face the Catholic church excommunicated him when the allegations came to light, this begs the questions what happens behind the walls of the convent? Is this celibacy vow to serve God a fuss? Why is it that other leading men of God from other denominations allowed to marry? What is the allegations never saw the light? That’s a whole pandora’s box that has been opened.

The court learnt that since the incident which occurred in 2011, when the young lady delivered a blind and crippled child, Fr. Kimanzi has taken up not even an ounce of responsibility; consistently using shear violence, intimidation and bribery to silence the hapless young woman – now a mother.

So what could be the necessitating urge for such controversial, outrageous and shameful acts? Could we review the church’s stand on such issues? Are there other motives to guys opting for seminary other than the known and normal God’s vocational calling?

I would opine that catholic priests are so much close to their congregation. It is so very common in most parishes that the parish priest is patron to one, two or three church groups. His assistant usually assumes role of youth patron. such proximity that our biblical leaders have with their subjects – in this case christian faithfuls is one that should worry most if not all.

These guys are only but human, sometimes we Christians provoke them, making them to temporarily abandon their rightful paths as spiritual fathers sliding into the elusive trap of sin. Young women would come to church as mere mandatory fulfillment, sit at the very front row – dressed casually yet amorously something that would ostensibly trouble any individual atop the alter trying to focus on homily delivery.

Other malpractices perpetrated by priests are however deliberate hence ruining the reputation of the church in general and priests in particular. Fr. Kimanzi could be one among the many isolated cases of priests failing to observe chastity.

It really becomes a pertinent issue. Going by the scriptures. Christianity strictly discourages judgmental personalities amongst its faithfuls. So refuting such vices on context of the Holy Book could be more or less tricky.

So let us quickly shift our evaluation to societal values and ethics.

The harm caused to society by priests infidelity needs know explanation. Such acts are on a steady rise. Families have been broken. Fist fights leading to ugly deaths have been witnessed not once but regularly. Dreams have been thrown to the superficial fissures of sin with priests loosing out on a dream of a lifetime which in their own perspective is to teach God’s word to the global citizenry.

Rigorous vetting procedures ought to exist in our seminars. So that not only theology is taught but also discipline that will help a long way in somehow curbing such crucial societal concerns.Only those who have the will to serve the Lord should be admitted to seminars not any riff raff who is running away from the hard hustle and bustle life offers out here.


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