There have been many cases of disappearances,unresolved and mysterious deaths at institutions of higher learning that have left the citizenry shocked, detectives confused and parents with many questions than answers as students cross their hands praying not to be victims. Cases of love gone south,jilted lovers, suicidal love triangles and relationship death rows are particular subject matters that aren’t all that new to campus students.

Amid fire – hot serious relationships, a lot of deceit, complications and malice does exist when lovebirds date within the academic environment. Just as any other couple out there in the open would have it, students encounter detrimental challenges of having to cope with a partner’s complexities, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. When young love ultimately reaches its breaking point, the outcomes are catastrophic.

Many students have thrown themselves toppling down the rapids and cataracts of the falls’ depths. Most of the affected individuals being male, with female cases not as common. Their dramas weren’t any different, many attributing their death decisions to jilted stories of love, disappointment and scandalous love triangles.

Meanwhile in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and  Technology, one lad’s death hit the campus environs like a wave early 2017. The guy whose name is withheld considering family feelings allegedly “rocked it under the sheets” with a fellow comrade’s girlfriend. Now, those with campus experience would attest this wasn’t quite a meticulous move.

A guy won’t just beat you up and leave you grappling for your life in such an aforementioned scenario. Campus lads will shove a gun, point it straight through your head and demolish you in cold blood, and at gunpoint. Another would stub you or even chop off your head. A much more disturbed individual, or a hyper-serious drug abuser – glued in the fangs of heroine, opium and cocaine would tamper with your genitalia before killing you anyway. Killing you in an unpleasant fashion. Serious deaths I talk of, not feigned cartoonist ones.

This is exactly what the latter did in our case. The guy felt demeaned and degraded. He decided to take matters at his own hands. He confronted this guy, the incident turned ugly and nasty thus mayhem broke out. Outside a nearby road by the varsity, amid crowds of bewildered passengers, the guy stabbed the “purported girl grabber” several times before leaving him for die a slow painful death.

The offender did not give the justice system time to prove his guilt, instead opting to take his own life on reaching his place leaving the police with no one to hold responsible but the girl. The girl’s case didn’t last long in court, for she was ultimately acquitted of all charges, with court ostensibly lacking concrete evidence to nail the innocent lady as there was no case at the beginning as the would be plaintiff and defendant were all dead.

In my vague experience within campus environs, one thing is evident. Most students want to live a different life from what they are accustomed to at home. A Hollywood movie life, full of public display of affection.

Most students are in multiple relationships with multiple partners thanks to gold digging women and dogging men. However, there is this one partner who is the main chic or guy but there are those side dishes who act as branches of the main relationship, that’s where the problem originates before degenerating.Most male students have girlfriends  or wives at home whereas their female counterparts are wives to men of means at home yet they still engage in relationship exchange programs. This has led to the rise of emotional men who feel shortchanged after sponsoring their girlfriend, fiancee or wife’s education only to be dropped for a younger more educated and polished individual she met along academic highways leaving him with no option but to terminate both of them.

Albeit this, such persons still seduce and engage in relationships while in campus. For girls, it is much more dangerous. A campus slay queen would have two boyfriends from her home town or even three from the neighboring town. Boys on the other hand go further by having girlfriends in all hostel floors while in campus . You can imagine what may happen if things go south.

Then we have playboys who think the have more balls to handle more than a single girlfriend. They mess and mess and mess. And when everything is all but complicated and sulking. The girls engage her in a weird confrontation. They will gang up on you even when three of them don’t technically know each other, nothing is more dangerous when ladies gang up they can kill you without any physical fight, just poisoning your food and just like that we would be forming your funeral committee.How many times have female colleagues killed their boyfriend for infecting them with STIs or HIV/AIDS and vice versa.

Some guy dated two ladies for quite sometime without them knowing each other. Everything was perfect until one fateful afternoon. The main chic who was also the baby mama to the guy. The second had no biological attachments with the guy, thus the dude’s side chic. The side chic surprises the guy with a weekend visit . To her utter dismay she finds a mum nursing her son in her boyfriends place. ” Who is this” they all ask in almost perfect unison.

The side chic garnered some bravery. Enough to pick up a knife from the cutlery and chase the lady with her son. ” If I see you near this place again, I swear I will kill you.”So horrible. So horrific. So terrifying. This is the simplest way of terming campus relationships. They aren’t really love – driven nor oriented. A lot could happen. A lot which could turn ugly. When it does turn ugly, the results are most if not always irreversible.