People would date from when they were freshmen and ultimately get married when they graduated, nowadays campus relationships don’t go past the varsity gate, the long holidays are enough ground for ‘divorce’ and change overs.

What a joy it is for parents and villagers when their beloved young ones get admitted to the universities. Of course, who wouldn’t be happy? All the money spent educating that ‘child’ is about to be repaid back.

I wonder where people get the notion, that after attending institutes of higher learning, jobs of higher pay will be a guarantee. Anyway, that is a story for another day. Joining campus is usually a point of separation. It is a time when the values that have been instilled in you since you were a child are about to be tested. You have no one to watch after you. Will you make it unscathed by the numerous temptations? Or, will you just become another statistic to be used in an article like this one? The choice is yours. Well not always.

On arrival, most of the young boys and girls are pretty naïve. They are well aware that practicing pre-marital sex is quite a taboo. However, campus life simply does not allow them to continue with that mentality. Nearly all universities have the dysfunctional 10 to 10  curfews. This means that visiting of the other genders’ hostels is only allowed from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. So, is the university management trying to imply that friendly fire can only happen at night? Clearly, there are 12 whole hours available, to commit an act that could take you five minutes or less if you are an under blessed brother. No disrespect to the less fortunate.

Moving on, our current generation seems to have forgotten that patience is a virtue. Gone are the days of courtship. A man would approach a girl with some lovely pick-up line, a rose in his hand, then she would blush and some sweet music would be playing in the background. Okay maybe the last part was a little bit far-fetched and we quoted a movie.

There wasn’t any background music. However, men back then were gentlemen and they respected women. A couple would court for even four years without becoming intimate. Wow, our forefathers and fathers were either very patient gentlemen or really good liars or a combination of both. We will really never know.

However, according to the high standards set by society back in the day, the narrations of courtship we get to hear are probably correct. People would date from when they were freshmen and ultimately get married when they graduated, nowadays campus relationships don’t go past the varsity gate, the long holidays are enough ground for ‘divorce’ and change overs.

How do you think your dad met your mother? Okay, it might not apply to all of us but it sure does apply to some of us. Nowadays, chivalry is dead. The best place to pick up girls is currently the clubs, yes those dingy dimly lit social joints where beer flows like the Nile from Lake Victoria. But wait, are we not always told that clubs aren’t the best places to find love? It seems that the college kids are trying to prove the wise men wrong. Clubs are not the best places to find love but these young kids are finding love, loads of it. I guess they ultimately find love in the clubs. People no longer court for a year or even months or even weeks. A single day, moment of weakness,madness or night is all that’s needed.

In today’s’ world, the youth are obsessed with being like the rest. The group mentality is really killing the morality. There was a point in time where virginity was highly applauded. As of now, virgins are met with ridicule. We are at a point where sex with multiple partners is completely considered normal. I am forced to wonder why brothels like Sabina Joy are condemned yet Hostel beds and corridors can tell a better or similar story.

Except for the services offered  at brothels is paid for while in hostels its free. Whether that is a wise or dumb move, it is up to you to decide. Students miss classes to savor the explosive flavors of the forbidden fruit not realizing that the wages of sin are death. That is a little bit exaggerated. The wages of sin is premature pregnancies plus maybe some itchy, burning sensations once in a while.Thanks to the information world we live in today emergency pills and withdrawal syndrome come in handy, contraceptives are used once in a while until familiarity is established between parties involved after which its all systems go.

In the end, the highly excited parents and villagers who were anticipating their sons and daughters to return with degrees and jobs are instead blessed with the addition of new family members in form of kids. This leads to a situation where there are more mouths to feed without any improvement in the financial state of the family.

The future now becomes predictable as some woman in some rural location will be aired in the evening news lamenting to the government to help her alleviate some of the burdens that life has thrown her way. Are they deserving of the burdens? Probably not but their life decisions have led them to a life of misery rather than a life of prosperity.



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