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Bottomline: The lighter they are the darker their thoughts,these light skinned women men chase around thanks to their glowing ‘beauty’ have the darkest hearts they can eliminate you without blinking an eye so stay woke…..

There is this case I was working on involving a client’s son who had been withdrawing massive amounts of cash over a short period of time, two weeks to be precise, from their family business account. The father (my client) was worried that his son might be involved in some clandestine activity he was financing willingly or unwillingly. Was it an addiction? What a costly addiction……

He had already withdrawn close to Ksh 700,000 via the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)  thats around Ksh 50,000 a day here I was thinking that the ATM withdraw limit was Ksh 40,000 or Ksh 45,000.

The bank had raised an alarm over suspect financial transactions occasioned by the daily withdrawals. Amounts of cash that could be easily withdrawn over the counter at one go. However, the dad okayed the suspicious activity when contacted by the bank to ascertain if everything was ‘just fine’. There was no way he was going raise any alarm of possible divisions within the family business, this would have been very bad for business now that their competitor was steadily gaining competitive ground.

Financial information between banks and clients is often confidential though the information may be public if your business rivals and competitors are willing to ‘sufficiently’ pay a bank employee to look the other way furnishing them with such suspect transactions which they leak to bloggers who are guns for hire making fodder out of the issue trolling the company over social media creating a feeling of uncertainty among the populace thus interfering with normal operations the way they ‘ran down’ Chase and Imperial banks. He was taking no chances, this is where I came in, to clean the mess without eyebrows turning towards his company’s direction.

You know how these Asian family business are run; the father is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) ,first son is the COO (Chief Operations Officer), second son is the CFO (Chief Finance Officer) , first daughter is the sales executive,second daughter is the human resource manager, mother is the internal auditor whereas cousin Khan is the director strategy,risk and innovation. In this particular case, the first son and the father are the signatories so I was investigating the excesses of the first born son…. They literally present and discuss their daily operational reports over supper at the dinner table as homework.

Yesterday I trailed him for the better part of the day from the company’s godowns along Mombasa Road to the family home in Parklands. There was nothing suspicious he never withdrew any money so today I was not expecting any different occurrence. Maybe he had changed? I should just bring this case to a closure so that his dad can pay up the remaining amount.

I followed him to one of these city hotels that serves breakfast buffet. I had to part with Ksh 1,500 for breakfast, those are 30 loaves of bread that could cater for my breakfast for a whole month. It was 10:30 am so it had to be early lunch for me considering the buffet had bagels, toast,sandwich,condiments, pastries, fruit, juice, cereals, beverages eggs, meat ball,croissants and other ‘things’ I don’t know and have never seen but had to eat since had paid for them, yes my money doesn’t leave my wallet with no proper return of investments.

He (the person I was investigating) had disappeared inside the hotel thus I had to take lunch as I wait for them ( I assumed he was meeting an accomplice or accomplices). Seated in a strategic table that gave me the advantage of closely monitoring the entire ground-floor of the establishment without raising any suspicion that I was on a surveillance mission.

Two women in their late 40’s though they had kept themselves well,taking into consideration how light skinned ladies the ‘yellow yellow’ breed beat faster compared to their darker counterparts unless they have money,good amounts of money. The sun down here has no mercy towards them. Seated at a nearby table not far from where I was munching breakfast compensating the Ksh 1,500 I had ‘lost’ in the process.

The one in an office suit seemed to be the distressed one,she had even abandoned her job temporarily to take care of something urgent,something that needed precise round-table planning over breakfast at an expensively deserted city hotel. The other one casually dressed seemed to be a friend in deed who had a bag of solutions for her friend in deed.

The woman in a suit seemed to be having problems, the only problem career women in this country have revolve around men they live with; their husbands. They were also waiting for someone I presumed,someone important who had kept them waiting, women in this country are the ones who keep people waiting in most cases they can even stand you up without any concentrate reason without an apology.

They hadn’t touched their food talking about how the problem had to be taken care of urgently and silently seemed to be the priority the food was just a by the way. I was tempted to divert my attention from the plate full of croissants to their conversation. So I found myself eavesdropping on their conversation……………

Imagine two weeks ago he told me he was travelling to Dubai to meet some investors who are interested in investing huge amounts of cash in their company only for me to find his passport in his closet. He has been away for two weeks in ‘Dubai’ still transacting company business. I think he swam all the way since his passport is still at home.

Three months ago I hired a private investigator who handed me a detailed investigative report yesterday when I called you that highlighted his clandestine operations from hotel check in receipts,call logs, financial transactions to photos and videos in compromising situations with some young lady whom he has rented a furnished apartment in Kileleshwa. Lamented the ‘suited’ lady

I want this thing (the man and his new flame) to go away silently; divorces are usually messy,noisy with many casualties. I don’t want my children to know of our marital problems which will make headlines in local newspapers and top stories in news rooms thus a protracted divorce case which will subject them to ridicule thus adverse psychological effects which may forever change their lives. The case will be a subject of discussion in all circles from our close friends,neighbors and relatives. She continued….

Lady in a suit: Do you know how I called you here?

Casually dressed lady : Yes, to help me take care of this,”

Lady in a suit: Is he good at his job?

Casually dressed lady: Yes he is infact he took care of Brenda’s husband without anyone suspecting foul play. He works with the police thus he can ‘cook’ the evidence to show what he wants people to believe thus no one will suspect foul play. This fool will disappear forever.

A smartly dressed man joined them, after receiving hugs in wholesale and exchanging pleasantries he sat down as they discussed business. He showed the suited lady what looked like his work identification card to increase his credibility as a man fit for the job if the money is fit for the job.

Smartly dressed man: When do you want us to take care of the fool..

Lady in a suit: When he immediately ‘comes’ back from Dubai…

Smartly dressed man: So thats tomorrow…

Lady in a suit: Yes….

Smartly dressed man: We will just say he died due to methamphetamine overdose whereas the girl will be taken care of on a later day. The cause of her death will be due to stabbing after a bar brawl. The suspects are still at large,they will be at large forever. I will need Ksh 2 million in cash before the sun sets  1 million for my men and I the other 1 million for the pathologists who will carry out the two autopsies. He asserted

Lady in a suit: Two million before the day ends then my husband is found dead the following day will they suspect foul play?

Casually dressed lady: You will just tell them you loaned me the money to expand my saloon and spa business, nobody will bother with further questions.

Lady In a suit: Okay you will take care of the fool no mistakes and if anything goes wrong I hope no one will look towards my direction?

Smartly dressed man: (confidently) nothing goes wrong when am in-charge? He won’t be my last fool to take care of. He may be working for  multinational X thus making him a high profile individual but his death will be treated like an ordinary drug overdose.

Lady in suit: What is his friends and organization decide to carry out a separate autopsy and a parallel investigation to ascertain the cause of death you know he has friends at high places?

Smartly dressed man: (Smiling as he laughs off) We are the high places we will make it impossible for any of those ‘nonsense’ to take place.

Lady in a suit: Okay give me you bank account so that I wire the money directly to your account in an hours time.

Smartly dressed man: I don’t receive traceable monies I will send my people to pick the money when you have it just call me through this number (He removes what looked like a business card and hands to her before he leaves without a sip of tea or a bite, what a waste of money)

The moment they mentioned his position in multinational X I knew who the ‘fool’ they had been talking about is. Should I rope him as a potential client averting his possible death? or Should I wait for headlines on national newspapers and breaking news on television screens of how a multinational chief was found dead in a Kileleshwa apartment thanks to  methamphetamine overdose. Methamphetamine who even knows an animal by this name in this part of the world………..

As I was pondering on what action to take the person I had been trailing, my clients son came down the restaurant area in the company of a lady whom he was having a ‘private’ closed door meeting in one of the hotel rooms. They handed the key and left I had to follow the lady as the new lead as I allowed him to get away. Piecing up what might be the cause of the massive withdrawals, when a woman is involved speculations are rife. I followed her back to the company’s godowns along Mombasa Road and later on to her house in Imara Daima.

To be continued……………………




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