How do you take your coffee? With milk, straight black or sweetened with deadly sugar? The several bags of contraband sugar confiscated in Eastleigh has Kenyans nursing not only a chipped sweet tooth but broken trust over the supposed betrayal of Western Kenya Sugar Company Limited, which has been a major manufacturer of sugar consumed locally. Society can be a harsh critic, and so were the memes and conclusions reached on this once trusted brand.

Image; Similarly, our actions are constantly gauged and checked by the people around us. It is the perception of others on the things we do that builds our reputation. This also establishes how you are categorized. That is why we adopt name-tags on people with certain characteristics such as ‘slayqueens’, ‘odi’ or ‘barbie’. Unfortunately, these name-tags and perceptions directly influence the opportunities and friends we attract.

Aesthetics; The several sacks of sugar were to be re-packaged in Kabras Sugar bags that fateful day before it was seized. This was to ensure that unwitting customers would buy it because it bore their beloved company’s logo. The appearance of an individual largely impacts what they can and cannot do. It has been a matter of debate, as it is widely thought that the physical attractiveness of a person exposes them to more favours. This, though vain, is true, humans are very visual creatures. However, can this not be accomplished just as well through good grooming?

Angles; Nobody wants to constantly be double checking what they stir in their cups, so there were constant murmurs and discussions on suitable alternatives. Some, who were opting for a better lifestyle, took this as a sign from God to change their eating habits. Now you would find them walking along the streets swearing by honey and how it changed their lives (sugar? Sugar who?). Some decided to continue using sugar, denial being there only way to cope others opted to use it as an excuse not to buy the commodity.

“I bought this before the whole issue started.” She would claim, pushing the sugar and spoon towards you so that you can choose the amount of poison you would like in your tea.
People look at different situations from different angles; an event that may have you cowering beneath your bed in embarrassment could mean nothing to another person and they would simply brush it off.

Impression; “I thought he was rather rude.” She concludes when you ask her how the date went. You swear he is the most considerate and polite person you have ever met. He might have been having a bad day, or it might be the effects of mercury, turning him hot one minute, then cold the next, and though you cannot scientifically vouch for him enough to prove that he is not a cold blooded reptile, you realize that the impression has already been made.The first impression is everything it creates a lasting perception. It can also explain why it would take Kenyans a long while to re-establish a trusting relationship with the sugar company. Take your first impression as a permanent writing on your blank canvas; it will always say something irreparable about you.


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