Bottomline:  Your beard might just help keep you busy when out in public spaces and recreational facilities, feigning seriousness and confidence.Men who don’t have beards miss out on this queer advantage comes with one taking good care of their facial hair
For our new world order lady to choose a man to move in with, on a long term basis entails the man having to undergo serious scrutiny, vetting through a complex system of checks and balances before the lady utters the magic words “Yes I do”
Today’s unscrupulous world has turned women and men from all walks of life all striving for perfection. To this end, ladies will sure enough not pick you for a bargain; she doesn’t pick you out of a bundle of many other golds of men thanks to your status quo not being “bald and bearded. You are far from bearded and even Adekunle is golder… She will not pick you. Trust me she just might never will.
The wowing effect and ecstatic glimpse ladies give their masculine counterparts is slowly and astoundingly coming down to the groomed beard.
Barbershops are having customers flooding their doorways which remain fully fledged for lengthy hours from Monday – Friday which are ‘working days’ ; day in day out… For weeks, months, years will surely turn but still the market seems to be booming,transfixed so sturdy, not as flimsy for these guys who pocket lucrative amounts of monies on a daily basis – just as the rising sun.
The no shave November, #Gronvember leading the pack amongst a host of other social – media buzz is not new to Kenya – An East African middle income, highly rated nation which is revered for it’s hyper – active nature when it comes to social media trolls, memes,vines and pranks.
Here, we are going to peer skillfully into the advantages you will hold for rearing a beard. Why really a beard is good in a bid to promote men’s health and awareness through the “Grownvember” culture although the present day man prefers to be classy and clean shaved compared to his ancestors in the previous generation who saw beards and Afros’ as fashion during their times.
Simulation of maturity – giving you an older look making your friends and foes to perceive you as a mature person thus according you more respect. A bearded chin fosters more serious, learner, semi genius or aptly guru kind of look. Not that men without grown beards appear mundane or stupid, but rather, those who groom their masculine facial hair appear wise without an ounce of doubt.
Less exposure to Ultraviolet (U.V) rays. The Lay Expertise model might be better in explaining this health phenomenon, a grown beard, the facial hair is capable of equipping your skin with up to 95% protection against dangerous sun rays. The beard is capable of reducing the probability of individuals contracting skin cancer. During winter, in polar regions and cold weather seasons along equatorial countries; the sun still angrily, constantly shines down on you. In other words, the thicker the beard, the better the protection your facial hair give you.
Less Allergic reactions; facial hair will by far reduce allergic reactions triggered by any sort of allergen. This is through a simple process that involve the facial hair catching these allergens long before they penetrate through to reach the skin. You are less allergic to pollen and other leading allergens during a treacherously and unforgiving windy weather.
Won’t you look youthful? – Oh! yeah, it should come out that a bearded man seems older. Only in the case of groomed beards mimics a youthful man. Facial hair helps protect against aging elements,including the sun and wind. Won’t facial hair make you appear older? Well, it very much depends. If you opt to maintain your beard for some significant minute of time and trim it down; you might just be wowed by how young, fresh and youthful your skin looks like and feels.
Prevents blemishes; overgrown hair irk and disturb every man. When it comes to the face however, one could combat folliculitis (infection caused by ingrown hair); moreover, by letting your hair grow the way it wants,undisturbed, you do away with the scary realization of having to deal with folliculitis as your skin shall age healthily and naturally.
You should keep growing this beard because Chilwell Ejiofor, Idris Elba, Jon Haam, Nick Offerman, Jake Gylenhall. Keep the beard because Sultan Hassan Ali the 001 Joho – Mombasa governor spends all his effort in the styling and grooming of his.
Avoid the dry and crackly skin; cold seasons could be harsh and lethargic, doing you a lot of clinical harm on matters your facial skin health. The drops in temperatures could unleash and wreck havoc in our skin ostensibly the face. Beards aid in combating dry skin by constantly locking in moisture ( in and around your face) and by blocking out dry harmful winds that cause dry skin.
To attract mates; Let us be realistic here, ferociously genuine and legit. There are people out there who are so into facial shapes of different cadres and caliber – especially women. Studies show that women prefer their men with facial hair. Everyone tends to like to cuddle with someone warm during cold weather and winter-like seasons. Moreover, the current world depicts handsome men as those who artify the whole issue of beards and facial hair.
Stroking your beard when engrossed in thought; It comes out when a man is stroking down their lengthy beard whenever intrigued in deep hefty thought. It also helps give or rather portray a flaunty look, a baller-like stature of the individual. Your beard might just help keep you busy when out in public spaces and recreational facilities, feigning seriousness and confidence.Men who don’t have beards miss out on this queer advantage comes with one taking good care of their facial hair.
So you have a complete rationale now, and similarly, good and viable reasons exist to back you up in your desirous wish to grow your beard. Having said that, it is important for men to ward off regular shaving of the beard within short interval durations. Common ordinary blades shall ostensibly bring more harm than good; Bic, Gillette among many others will only outcrop acne, blemishes and skin discomfort including after shave irritation. Use antiseptics once you have shaved to kill any harmful bacterium that might outmaneuver your skin jeopardizing it’s healthy well being, causing skin problems. Oh!  get a good barber who has well mastered the shape of your head to give you that awe, impeccable look.


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