Bottomline: A society where a kid abusing an adult is viewed as a sign of bravery..

Nothing gets into my nerves like seeing a mere 18 year old youth who has no knowledge of what life is despise a grown up worth being his /her great parent. Round of applause to you who has just joined the adulthood regime, but how do you announce to the world that your mind has been cleansed of childish thoughts?? Must we call our parents names they hardly know in the name of being digital? Or go against tradition and beat a human being who taught you how to hold a stick? Should we give parents deaf ears, act like we know stuff when the little wisdom dangling in our puny encephalon is not even close a three letter word. Yes, let’s call a spade a spade and I add,…only when it deserves the name. Mark you even a snake will spit venom when out of moves.

Unfortunately memories of the good old days have faded away, buried in the fairy tales of a youthful life. Think of how your parents endured your childhood turmoils without complain, how you escaped abortion since your mother had a good heart. Screaming and yelling all night as your sweet mother had to guess what exactly that cry meant😱.Imagine the smell of used diapers her nose became used to for many days. That day you insisted on watching a cartoon episode for the tenth time in her company yet she faked a smile for your sake despite the boredom.Remember that evening daddy was from work and you colored his white suit with mud because however dirty you were his hug and cuddling meant a lot. It would be an understatement to forget your supermarket drama, you were already on a bike yelling.” Mum nataka hiii!!”, mum I want this. Poor mum had to dig further into her pocket to cover up the embarrassment. Indeed this is close to slavery, yet you can now spit on their faces.My primary headteacher would ask you; where is your head?? Santity must prevail.

Praise be to tradition and culture, where respect for the elderly was highly valued, greetings spoke a lot,every elder was a parent. A society where no kid was an orphan for you had several mums and dads. Hunger was unheard of,people joined to eat as a family,porridge tasted like wine. The youth valued sisterhood and brotherhood, what a life!

But alas! Who bewitched the modern society? See how people tilt their noses to the of odour of virtues, that you either have a biological parent or to hell with you. A society where a kid abusing an adult is viewed as a sign of bravery, ironically it is in such a situation that you feel like an athlete who has just won a race, like you own the world. Look,this world is not your home.

A little cracking of the mind, that a homeland without morals is already a destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah a little kindness, a little politeness to the elderly won’t disfigure you, neither render you a “Bimbo” I’ll quote from the Bible, “And your lord has decreed that you worship none but him, and that you be dutiful to your parents, if one of them or both attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout to them, but address them in terms of honour.”

Its time to repay your parents deep kindness,let no evil snatch them away from you.Come to think of it, who in the world could be more supreme than your father and mother?


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